Gaming can Make a Better World

In her TED Talk, Jane McGonigal makes an impressive claim: Games can make the world better.

McGonigal suggests that the act of playing games is crucial not only to academic success, but global success as well. She claims that the problem solving and collaborative aspects of games within epic stories and challenging, yet attainable missions cultivate an important skill set and attitude. In this way, the act of playing the game is more important than the act of winning or completing the game.

She suggests that gamers are becoming virtuosos at four things that are important tos success outside of the game:

  1. Urgent optimism- gamers always believe the EPIC WIN is possible
  2. Creating a social network- we like people better after we have played a game with them and can develop a strong trusting relationships and cooperation
  3. Blissful productivity- when playing a game we are willing to play and work hard indefinitely
  4. Epic meaning- creating narratives and making meaning for themselves

These four traits create SUPER-EMPOWERED, HOPEFUL INDIVIDUALS. These are the people who will be prepared and able to solve the world’s problems.


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