Second Life: Dublin

This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland and loved it! So, I was excited to virtually travel back to one of my favorite Irish cities in Second Life. Here is a taste of what I experienced:

When I first arrived, I appeared to be in a small patio, that was empty. As Celtic music filled the background, I explored. The brick buildings, small alleyways, and brick paths definitely reminded me of Dublin! The city was set along the coast of the river, and virtually walking around definitely reminded me of my trip this summer.


When I continued exploring, I came across the Blarney Stone, a pub serving Guiness, dancing, and an all around good time. I chatted with a couple of people in the bar and they were curious about my uniform. I decided to practice my role-playing skills and pretended I was from the future and had been sent to learn about this culture. I learned they like to dance! I didn’t know how to dance, so I left.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.47.03 PM.png

When I left the Blarney Stone, I found my way to a bowling alley. This was fun because there were clear instructions on how to play and join the game. I was easily able to follow them and participate in a bowling game. I was the only person in the bowling alley, but it was still fun!

Then, I went into an art gallery and explored. I ended up teleporting to a performance and somehow joining the group… it took me a little bit to learn how to un-join, but it was a fun area to explore. Again, there were instructions on how to interact with this virtual world. Dublin seems like a great place for novice second lifers because so many of the interactions come with instructions!


After that, I walked through the outskirts of Dublin where there were lots of houses and playgrounds. Overall, Dublin is a cheery place to visit. There is great music, friendly people, lots of dancing, and helpful tutorials to teach you how to interact with this Second Life environment. As someone who still feels a little overwhelmed by Second Life, this was a great place to visit and explore!


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