The History of Video Game Graphics

I grew up not playing too many video games. I was much more interested in playing with dolls or playing basketball outside. When I was about seven, we did get a SEGA Dreamcast and I did enjoy playing a few games at local arcades and with friends. As I watched the video A Brief History of Video Game Graphics, I was able to recognize and reflect on a few different games I played as a child:

Pong: I played this game with my dad as a kid. When we first got our SEGA, he was so excited to show me this simple air-hockey like game that he had played as a kid. He was so impressed with the transformation of video games from what they used to be to today.

PacMan: I do remember playing this game at different arcades growing up, and then into my college years as a fun throw-back to early gaming experiences. There was a pizza place in my hometown where you could play PacMan (it was set into the table) for free while you ate.

Super Mario Bros: I remember playing this game with my brother and cousins at my aunt’s house- that little song brought back a lot of memories of us fighting over turns and competing for higher scores.

Mortal Kombat: This game was popular with my college roommates- I was never too strategic, but really enjoyed (and sometimes randomly successful) with my aggressive and quick button smashing!

Ridge Racer: Almost every soccer party I ever had was at Round Table Pizza, where they had a small, but awesome arcade. My favorite then, and now, was always the racing games. I loved pretending to drive before I could drive a real car. Good thing I’m better at real life driving than video game driving…

Mario-Kart: This game was one of my best friend’s favorites, and she would have Mario-Kart parties frequently. I was terrible, but have really fond memories of coming together with my friends to play and race each other.

Call of Duty: I played this to attempt to impress my high school boyfriends. Looking back, my lack of skill does not seem like it would be impressive…

Wii Sports: I loved Wii Sports! This game was interactive and so much more interesting to me than traditional video games.

Rock Band: I also liked Rock Band- the interactive piece again appealed to my active needs. One of my most fun NYE parties from middle school was an all night Rock Band tournament!

Grand Theft Auto: This was the absolute calling card of my college roommates. They would play for hours, passing the controller around and getting cheats from the internet, like one time they were able to get a helicopter that could be called on command.
Wow, that was a longer list than I was expecting going into this quest. It was really interesting to explore the progression of video games throughout the years and remember the different stages through the games that were important.

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