Gamification: Star Trek Science

Mr. Gonzales has truly gamified his classroom. In a similar model to EdTech 532, he has transformed his sixth grade science classroom into a Star Trek mission. The students enter the class as typical sixth graders and as they complete missions, they level up and take on new roles and responsibilities as they gain new knowledge. I was so impressed with the depth of his gamification and I love the use of QR codes to give students their missions. The students seemed really excited to try out this unusual approach to a science class.

I found it really helpful from an elementary educator’s perspective to watch how GameLab can be utilized with younger aged students. I think there is so much potential for interaction and engagement through this type of multi-player educational video game experience. This video made me excited to try gamifying my own classroom more- I don’t think I am quite ready for this level of gamification, but maybe I could try creating a GameLab quest for one unit for my students to work through.

If you haven’t yet, check out this video of Mr. Gonzales introducing his class to their untraditional science class- it is definitely worth a watch!


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