Educational Technology

For the last assignment of EdTech501, I was asked to create a visual to represent my understanding of the definition of educational technology as articulated in the first chapter of Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary by Alan Januszewski and Michael Molenda. The chapter defines educational technology as follows:

“Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitation learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.”

As I grappled with this definition, my coursework throughout this first class, and the rest of the reading, I was struck ultimately by the road that we have travelled to reach this point where technology allows for the facilitation of authentic learning. Education does not look the same as it did when I was a student, and that was not even that long ago. A powerful tool in this shift is technology, so my visual attempts to encapsulate the ways in which education has shifted to meet the needs of an advancing world. Technology serves to allow learners to be in charge of their own experiences and fosters creativity in unparalleled ways. I am intrigued and excited to witness and be a part of the ways in which technology continues to shape and change the way we learn and educate.

Educational Technology DefinitionTo create this visual, I utilized a free tool called Piktochart. I was briefly introduced to this tool through the creation of my last artifact to make visual representations of my school evaluation data. I was so impressed with the user-friendliness of this site and my ability to create beautiful, clean, organized graphics with ease. I could definitely see utilizing this resource in the classroom to have students represent data or create presentation visuals or final showcases. Graphic organizers like this one help both creators and viewers understand and access information in an appealing and straight-forward way.

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