School Evaluation Summary

The purpose of this assignment was to examine my own school and district under the microscopic lens of the Technology Maturity Benchmarks. Through this exercise, I interacted with fellow colleagues to glean their perspective about technology, poured over the school and district technology plans, and reflected on my own experience this past year. At the end of my research, I was able to identify areas of great strength and areas from which to grow in my district and my school.

I have included a survey that utilizes the Technology Maturity Benchmarks Rubric to assess my school in 16 different categories. Within each category, I looked at both behavior and the resources and infrastructure and rated each Emerging, Islands, Integrated, or Intelligent based on the Maturity Benchmarks. Then, utilizing my research, I completed an evaluation to explain my rankings based on my own experience and evidence.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.12.37 PM

From this assignment, I more deeply understand the goals of my school’s technology use plan. As a first year teacher, I was not able to apply to be a grade level innovator, but next year, I hope to. I want to be more actively involved in the technology decision making processes, planning, and learning that occurs at my school. Ultimately, I am excited about where we are with technology integration, but even more excited about the groundwork that has been laid for where we are going.

You can find my Maturity Model Benchmark Survey here.

You can find my School Evaluation Summary here.

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