Annotated Bibliography: 1:1 Computing

The goal of this annotated bibliography was to explore a topic of both interest and relevance to me as a means to engage in the scholarly dialogue about a specific aspect of educational technology. After extensive research and topic narrowing, I decided to research a topic relevant to my personal journey with educational technology: 1:1 computing. Is it worth the investment? What does it take to be successful? How can teachers utilize this tool to engage students well?

Through my exploration of many sources, I found that 1:1 computing is a valuable tool, but like any tool, if used incorrectly it quickly becomes ineffective or even dangerous. The sources I explored ultimately cited the importance of intentionality to the success of a 1:1 program: intentionality with teacher professional development, intentionality with lesson planning, intentionality with teaching strategies. My research confirmed that this intentionality is a worthy investment, however, because 1:1 computing offers such clear benefits to cultivating 21st century thinkers and learners.

Through the completion of this annotated bibliography, I re-familiarized myself with the nuances of APA formatting as well as utilized a new research tool: Zotero. Wow, do I wish I knew about this during my undergrad experience! The ease at which I could store and organize sources of interest, as well as create my reference list was essential to my success with this assignment.

Please explore and enjoy my annotated bibliography.

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